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DYOR (Do Your Own Research) Token was developed by victims of scams to bring together a community to fight against the growing number of rug pulls, honeypots, and fraudulent contracts in the cryptocurrency markets.

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Mission Statement

Stop the scams with education! The DYOR Token community strives to teach investors how to find reputable crypto projects while avoiding honeypots and rugpulls. Our community is driven by people that were scammed. We work to ensure it doesn’t happen to any other investors.

The Problem

Thefts and Scams

During 2020, the remarkable sum of $129M USD was reported stolen. This is quite alarming since 2019 saw ZERO thefts reported.

Growing Cryptocurrency Market

In July 2021, defipulse.com reported a total of $61.39B USD invested into various decentralized finance (DeFi) projects.

This is a staggering increase from 2019 when $680M USD was invested. This kind of growth is a breeding ground for scams and fraudulent projects.

The Solution

We understand

You are not alone! Every member of the DYOR team has experienced loss due to fraud or scams.

What we are doing

Our goal is to help spread information that will educate investors on how to identify and avoid malicious projects. We actively investigate new projects, coins, and tokens. Documentation is being compiled from our findings and will be made available to DYOR holders first.


What's that?

A litepaper is a document summarizing a whitepaper. Since the early 1990s, "whitepapers" have been utilized as informational documents, describing a product, utility, or function in a new business or project.

We have that!

In our litepaper, you will find in-depth information about the DYOR Token and project. Our whitepaper is still in development and will be made available soon!


Tokens in circulation 1,001,000,000,000,000,000

There is a total of 1 Quintillion, 1 Quadrillion tokens in circulation.

Integrated Whale Clause

Our Whale Clause is set to prevent any single transaction greater than 250 Trillion tokens. Multiple transactions are permitted as long as they fall within the whale clause limits.

Transaction Taxation

Every transaction is taxed 10%. This generates liquidity, burns tokens, and distributes tokens back to the holders.

1% Redistributed, and 9% Added to the LP

Holders of DYOR Token will automatically receive rewards with each transaction. 1% of tokens on each transaction get redistributed to holders. This includes the burn wallet. 9% is sent to the Liquidity Pool.

AirDropping Victims

DYOR Token gives back to the unfortunate victims of Binance Smart Chain (BSC) scams. Your wallet may have received an AirDrop from the DYOR team if we determined you invested in a coin that is a rugpull, honeypot, or scam. AirDrops are not guaranteed. Not all scam victims will receive DYOR Tokens.


2021 - Q3

Launch of the DYOR website
2,500 Holders
Apply for Trust Wallet logo
CoinGecko application
Set up social media accounts
Set up DYOR Coin Vetting Team
3,500 Holders

2021 - Q4

Process to locate/help scam victims
5,000 Holders
30,000 Holders
60,000 Holders
80,000 Holders
100,000 Holders
Balance LP to Marketcap Ratio
Completed Certik audit
Completed TechRate audit
Hire Copywriter
Hire Chief Technical Officer
Hire Chief Marketing Officer
Hire Public Relations Officer
Expand internal marketing team
Expand web developer team
Launch new website
Revised Litepaper
Expand social media outreach
Establish "FUD Busters"
Phase 1 marketing push

2022 - Q1

Launch new contract
30% burn wallet
Phase 2 marketing push
Reapply for Trust Wallet logo
125,000 Holders
150,000 Holders
175,000 Holders
200,000 Holders
First Exchange Listing
Second Exchange Listing

2022 - Q2

Release educational courses
Structure DYOR scholarship program
Third exchange listing
Fourth Exchange Listing
225,000 Holders
250,000 Holders
275,000 Holders
300,000 Holders

Frequently Asked Questions

Our vision is to be the one-stop-shop for crypto project vetting. Our goal is to ensure members of our community learn how to avoid scams and prevent loss. We plan to accomplish this goal by educating the community on how to use the tools needed to safely vet new crypto projects.

Everyone!!! There is a dedicated section in our Discord in which anyone can bring a coin/token to the table and the community can provide supporting facts as to why it is, or is not, a scam.

The purpose of our project is much bigger than just getting everyone to buy our token, although we encourage all investors to do so. We are here to educate those in the market and help ensure they make informed decisions.

We are working on fulfilling the Trust Wallet requirements so the DYOR Token will show up correctly. That means that our token contract must be added to Trust Wallet manually at this time. Our BSC contract is: 0xbbe0a94f363a52da9229a7546434b6e657a6a78f. buy dyor

Additional tutorials will be made available on this website very soon.

Absolutely! There are members of the community actively involved in performing manual burns. Join our Telegram or Discord to take part in the fun during our burn parties!

Yes we do! Our marketing wallet address is: 0x27dD69A59f69e06BE8c24FAA9C8D881C24428579. It is operated by the Chief Executive Officer and the Chief Financial Officer. Please see the team section for more information.

DYOR Token is officially recognized as a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC). This is a business, and it is treated as such.

Each member of the DYOR team has been affected by a scam. It is a painful experience and we want to help prevent it from happening to other people.

Yes! All of the core team members of DYOR are invested into the token themselves. Tokens owned by the core team were purchased with money out of their respective pockets.

The people behind our success

A passionate and experienced team with multiple specialties. We encourage you to join our Discord or Telegram to meet the team and community.

If you have a skill that would contribute to the project we encourage you to send a message to one of the team members.

Jason W.

Chief Executive Officer

Rob D.

Chief Financial Officer

Wes P.

Chief Operations Officer


DYOR Media Network Host

Brian N.


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